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Vinyl Patio Cover Kits  

Better Quality Structures:

Our patio cover kits are designed for beauty and durability. Specially formulated vinyl, compounded from 100% virgin resins and enhancers, makes our vinyl patio cover kits impervious to the damaging effects of sunlight and weather. This gives you a structure that will not discolor, become brittle or deteriorate with age. In addition it makes it easy to maintain the beauty of your vinyl patio cover. It requires only a simple rinse from your garden hose to clean accumulated dust and dirt. Standard cleaners will remove almost any stain. Vinyl never requires painting, is impervious to wood destroying insects and dry rot.


The Palomar:
Can’t be beat for ease of installation. All components are made to push through including the pickets. This gives the Palomar added strength and eliminates all external fasteners.

The Cardiff:
Similar in look and design to the Palomar, comes with screw on pickets. great value, made to be kind to the budget.

The Tiffany:
Designed and constructed from the same high quality materials as all of our structures, our Tiffany gazebo offers a lifetime of enjoyment.




Both the Palomar and the Cardiff vinyl patio kits may be ordered in a variety of sizes. Starting with 8’x 8’ and ranging to 24’x16’ in size.

Before purchasing any patio cover, please call us and allow one of our experts to go over a few very important items you should be aware of. They can help you determine the unit and size that will best suit your needs. They will also be able to help you understand all facets of the install process. This will ensure that your patio structure meets your expectations.